Conference Overview

Educating for a Bright Future

Global Neohumanist Conference 2019
July 12-18, 2019  –  Salorno, Italy
Arrival July 12, Conference July 13-17, Departure July 18

An exciting program is being planned with presentations by leading NHE educators  and other progressive professionals from around the world.

In the morning plenaries we will be applying creative thinking, new mental models, and solutions to the many social and education crises of today, through exploring the following questions:

• What are the values and new ways of thinking needed to bring about the paradigm shift we now know is necessary for creating a bright future?
How can we build the inner resources and ecological wisdom of students and teachers to prepare for a rapidly changing world and unpredictable future?
• What role can spirituality and the arts play as vehicles of transcendence, social cohesion, and ecological wisdom in education?
• How can we generate new narratives and visions that lead us towards positive futures?

The afternoon sessions will offer an opportunity  for a lively exchange between peers as well as a sharing of practical  approaches to bring these new ideas into your own working situation and daily routine.    In addition, a personal development slot in the afternoons will offer workshops in yoga, meditation, cooperative games and other activities to support the personal development of the teacher.  

A neohumanist showcase of projects and networking session,” Fiera Neoumanista”  will give educators the opportunity to showcase their work and projects and to network with each other.

Daily optional group meditations offer a time for self renewal and reflection as do the beautiful natural surroundings.

After the conference closing on the morning of July 17th, you will have the option to join strategic meetings of initiatives you’re signed up for, or to enjoy the offerings of the beautiful surroundings of the Italian Dolomites for the remainder of the day.  Departure is 10 am on July 18th.