Strategic Meetings

Educating for a Bright Future

Considering the unique opportunity of this gathering where so many leaders and key educators in NHE are in one place, strategic meetings of  GANE, AMGK , AMAYE and PRSI will be organized to further the short and long term strategies of these global associations and networks.  If you are interested in contributing to these discussions and meetings,  please contact us at: .

AMGK Strategic Planning Meetings

1. NHE Teacher Education – This team will work on establishing a concrete plan for globally coordinated NHE Teacher Education that could be adjusted locally, based on the principles of NHE which are the same for all, for all levels of education, from pre-k to college.

2. AMAYE – This team is working to coordinate globally the work of AMAYE (Ananda Marga Association of Yoga Educators), a subset of which is NEW Yoga (Neohumanist Education Way Yoga).

3. Neohumanist University Without Walls – In order to accomplish the goals of NHE Teacher Education and AMAYE, this team is working to develop our higher education initiatives, so teachers in NHE and AMAYE can be educated and earn certificates and degrees which enable them to go out into the world and do their work. This meeting can be accessed remotely. If you are interested in participating remotely, contact Ed Glassman at .

4. PRSI, IT Team, Archives and Resources – This team is working to better organize our resources, people, media, including NH College, NHE Resources, PRSI and Archives.