Conference Report

Global Association of Neohumanist Educators (GANE) partnered with several affiliated organizations to bring together over a hundred leading neohumanist educators from twenty five countries in order to deliberate on the theme: Educating for a Bright Future. The gathering was filled with sweetness and uplifting, inclusive ideas.

The Mayor of Salorno, Italia at their community hall inaugurated the program with a beautiful film highlighting the attractions of Dolomites and Salorno area. Dr. Shambhushivananda gave the welcoming speech and pointed everyone’s attention on four critical challenges facing humanity: Climate Change; Widening Disparities; Technological Innovations and Leadership issues. “These challenges open up new opportunities for the educatiors”, he said. Neohumanism provides an optimistic response to deal with the problems and issues emanating from the global crises.

The plenary sessions every morning were addressed by leading experts and practitioners like Dr Kathleen Kesson, Amal Jacobson, Eric Jacobson, Didi Ananda Rama, Dr Sucarit Katyal, Satya Tanner, Christian Franceschini and Didi Ananda Devapriya.

A highlight of the conference was a Fiesta Neohumanista – a global show-case and networking session for everyone. Many beautiful interactions took place during this time among the participants.

Afternoons were devoted to about thirty workshops to cater to needs of all participants. Two nights were devoted to cultural evenings.

About twenty Italian local volunteers of Neohumanist Academy prepared delicious meals and gave local logistical support for the conference.

The conference ended with a visit to the Mountain Lake and strategic planning meetings which consolidated the steps forward to accelerate the growth of Neohumanist education movement.