Real education leads to a pervasive sense of love and compassion
for all creation.   

Shrii P. R. Sarkar



  • Objectives

    NHE strives for a harmonious balance between inner development and objective engagement and service in the world :

    ◊ Expanding the heart through meditation and empathy
    ◊ Freeing the mind through inquiry and exploration
    ◊ Creating a just and sustainable world through service and action

    Personal development is at the foundation of the curriculum, fostering a universally benevolent society.

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  • Neohumanism

    “When the underlying spirit of humanism is extended to everything, animate and inanimate, in this universe, I have designated this as Neohumanism. This Neohumanism will elevate humanism to universalism, love for all created beings of this universe.” – Shrii P.R. Sarkar

    Neohumanism is a new ethic for the new millennium. It broadens our understanding of what it is to be human by promoting an ecological awareness of our relationship with the entire universe. In short Neohumanism is an invitation to enter into the full depth and mystery of life.

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  • Resources

    NHE Resources includes articles related to the philosophy, principles and classroom practices of Neohumanist Education and on-line access to the Gurukula Network education newsletter/ journal. NHE  books are also available for purchase.

    In addition those working in NHE schools and projects may register for access to further resources and materials.

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Gurukula Network Issue 56

Gurukula Network Issue 55