NEW Yoga – Neohumanist Education Way Yoga


NEW Yoga is at the core of Neohumanist Education and integrated into the curriculum for all ages. NEW Yoga Programs are also taking place in public schools in various parts of the world as a way to bring yoga and meditation into a main stream curriculum.

The NEW Yoga curriculum can be likened to the backbone of the human which provides the framework and support for the whole body while insuring its integrity. In the same way, the subjects and methods of NEW Yoga address the personal development of the child including their vitality, character, joyfulness and life direction. Through NEW Yoga, the children gain not only strength in this subjective approach to life but also strength for objective adjustment to the outside world.

  • The curriculum framework for yoga for K-12 is in three categories:

    1. Yoga as play – 3- 6 years exploration and wonder
    2. Yoga as challenge – 7-11 years heroism, challenge and active fun
    3. Yoga as ideal – 12-19 years intellectual thought and ideals

    The content of NEW Yoga incorporates an age appropriate balance from play to serious practice that incorporates various aspects of Astaunga Yoga such as:

    • Yoga postures
    • Ethics
    • Breathing exercises
    • Control of the senses, visualisation, guided imagery
    • Concentration, meditation
    • Ideation
    • Songs and verses
    • Music and dance
    • Philosophy
    • Stories, drama
    • Journal writing, poetry and art