Day 1 – Slot 1
Saturday July 13th
3:00-4:30 pm


Decolonizing Education
Dr. Kathleen Kesson
Interactive workshop and game – for 20-24 people

“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” —Steve Biko
Decolonization is a political process begun after WWII when formerly colonized territories asserted their independence from European empires and exerted political self-determination. Epistemological and educational dimensions of colonization have outlasted these important political processes, however, and colonization persists in global practices of resource extraction, economic imperialism, and imposed models of development and austerity. Present day forms of colonialism are perpetrated through curriculum, instructional methods, and organizational and pedagogical power structures. In interactive game format, we will bring our individual stories and our collective intelligence to bear on the important connections between neohumanist education and decolonization, and explore the roles of ways of knowing, place-based curriculum, traditional ecological knowledge, and community-based learning in the liberation of the mind.

Kathleen Kesson is Professor Emerita of Teaching, Learning and Leadership in the School of Education at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University. She is the former Director of Teacher Education at Goddard College in Vermont, and was the founding Director of the John Dewey Project on Progressive Education at the University of Vermont, a research and policy organization. She has written extensively in numerous academic journals about democracy and education, teacher development, teacher inquiry, critical pedagogy, unschooling, environmental education, and spirituality and the arts in education. Her books include Curriculum Wisdom: Educational Decisions in Democratic Societies, Understanding Democratic Curriculum Leadership, Defending Public Schools: Teaching for a Democratic Society, and most recently, Unschooling in Paradise. She is currently involved in exploring the connections between personalized learning, communities, social justice and democracy in Vermont. In her spare time, (and when the sun shines) Kathleen is an avid gardener, with a special passion for permaculture and pollinator plants!


Neohumanist Charter
Dieter Dambiec
Seminar–for 12-20 people

It is important that educators understand the human rights framework and principles behind the right to education and related rights. It affects many policies and practices. No educators should really be without some background understanding in this area.
– We will start with international human rights regarding the right to education and related rights, such as rights of the child and economic, social and cultural rights. We will show the similarities to Prout (cardinal, moral and human laws –Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s three levels of law) and neohumanist principles, and where Prout and neohumanist principles are more developed than current international human rights law.
– We will discuss a draft ‘neohumanist charter’ and open it for input.
– We will finish with neohumanist ‘career tips’ – what’s most important for neohumanist educators in their career from a spiritual, moral, and human rights perspective

Dieter Dambiec has over 30 years experience in civil law, including liaising with policy makers and economists. He has masters degrees in social justice, human rights, international law, equity, communications, electronic and commerce. He holds a certificate in Adult Education. He has experience drafting legal instruments, particularly complex instruments in technical aspects of communications law, rights and duties, and international aspects of radio-communications law.
Early in his career he lectured in legal systems and commerce. For the last 25 years he has worked as principal lawyer in the Australian government.


Preparing Children for an Unknown Future
Yolande Koning
Interactive Workshop for Early Childhood Educators –15-20 people

This workshop aims to give clarity about the possibilities and opportunities for developing skills and a resilient attitude in children to be able to face rapid changes in society. This interactive workshop will touch subjects such as:
-loving relationship between teacher and child
-personal approach towards the child
-the force of interconnectedness
-creating a solid foundation for awareness in the layers of the mind
-love for nature
-thinking for the collective welfare
-helping children to deal with their emotions
-inborn moral intuition
-providing opportunities for children to experience their own possibilities by giving challenges.
-discovering the World with the support of teacher and other adults
-curiosity and motivation from within courage and life lessons
-power of Music to uplift children
-creative thinking as a tool to face problems
-productive collaboration with parents

Yolande Koning has been director of Zonnelicht since 1997. Zonnelicht is a daycare for children between 0-12 years old. Zonnelicht has 17 groups and 45 employees. Since1993 she has given training to the Zonnelicht staff in Neohumanist Education. Since 2014 she has given shape to Lotus Institute, a platform for educational innovation.

From 2001-2003 she participated in the daily routine committee to coordinate national childcare, education and leisure activities in Holland. Currently she takes part in various participation municipal working groups. These are: Design group IKC (quality control), Project group 0-13, Care structure and Network childcare


The Balyayoga® Method – Yoga for Children: a new pedagogical approach to living yoga in Italian schools
Barbara Ladisa (Basantii) and Gianni Zollo (Janardan)
For educators of all age students from early childhood to higher education––20 people

Balyayoga® is a new method of doing yoga with children. We are involved in bringing yoga to children aged 3 to 13 in Italy. Moreover, Balyayoga® is also a training course to become a yoga teacher for children in the major cities of Italy. Balyayoga’s methodology is different from any other and is supported by scientific studies, so that little ones can approach yoga in a healthy, safe and playful way. We would like to present a new way of doing yoga with children and work on one’s Inner Self, even in those environments where yoga is unknown. We would like to offer a different view of yoga based on play, game and fantasy and the rediscovery of one’s own Inner Child. If you want to really learn, teaching has to disguise itself as fantasy and game.

Over the last 6 years Balyayoga has also become a teacher training method, approved and certified by Yoga Alliance and Csen / Coni Italy. So far, more than 1,300 teachers have been trained with the Balyayoga® Method and are teaching yoga in Italian public and private schools.

Gianni Zollo and Dr. Barbara Ladisa are the creators and trainers of Balyayoga®.


Day 1 – Slot 2
Saturday July 13
4:45 – 6:15 pm


Yogasofia©: the philosophy available to everyone
Alexia Martinelli (Amrta) Salvatore Ingargiola (Satyavrata)
Workshop with practical experience with sound—10-15 people

The Yogasofia© project began in 2018 with the aim of spreading neohumanist thought and fighting dogma. The human being has the possibility to think and decide what is right and wrong at any age. Yogasofia© encourages this possibility through reflections, workshops, personal experience and above all group experience.

This project combines western and eastern studies including Socrate’s “maieutica” or the Socratic Method, the Philosophy for Children movement, and the ideas of Merlau-Ponty, as well as Shrii P. R. Sarkar’s ideas of the human being, auto-realization, rational thinking, etc. Yogasofia isn’t only for academic people, but for all and of any age.

Yoga isn’t only asanas or yoga postures. In this laboratory we will experience the gunas (the three qualities of matter) and their potential. This workshop is for every person who wants to experience personal growth and educators who want to learn about a new way of approaching yoga and philosophical thought.

Alexia is a Pedagogist and Yoga teacher. In her experience with children and adults she attaches great importance to the body as an instrument for awareness and real change. Salvatore is a musician and a Therapist utilizing sound and vibration. With Christian Franceschini (Kamaleshvara) and Cristina Franceschini (Krsnapriya) they have created a new method to bring the philosophy of yoga into everyday life and for all ages.

Cultivating a Cosmopolitan Global Citizenship in Taiwan’s Teacher Education Center
Seminar with Teng Huang

In Taiwan, getting high scores in national test and enrolling at good university are always the main considerations for parents and students in Taiwan. But such schooling way is not helpful for understanding and improving the problems in global society. And since I am a teacher in the Teacher Education Center, I want to do something to prepare my student teachers to be cosmopolitan global citizens. In the presentation, I want to share my experiences of how I cultivate student teachers’ cosmopolitan global citizenship.

Huang, Teng is currently the Professor and Director of Teacher Education Center, Fu Jen University in Taiwan. His studies are mainly about curriculum reform in the neoliberal society and teacher education. These years he focuses on cultivating a cosmopolitan global citizenship for his student teachers for elementary and secondary schools. Additionally he attempts to introduce the teaching practice and theory of Neohumanism into his department.


Teaching from Presence: Staying heart-centered and supported while working in schools/organizations with challenging circumstances and communities
Linda Vishala Baker
Interactive workshop—15 people

As educators, our work takes place inside a network of complex systems: interpersonal and family systems, school and administrative pressures, external assessments, social inequality and injustice … and, someplace in that web, the challenges of our own personal lives. The swirling of these pressures can lead us to believe that we have no power to affect positive change. But this is a false and demoralizing belief, because your greatest impact emerges from within – from your PRESENCE.

Practicing presence does not make the challenges magically disappear, but as you enter presence, you turn on the light of awareness and receive the gifts of insight and wisdom. This allows you to operate from a place of deep knowing as you respond to what arises.

This workshop is for educators who wish to practice staying centered in their hearts as they stand inside the complexities of their work environments. The invitation is for educators who wish to learn how to support deep knowing.

Through this awareness, we can start to become truly response-able- able to choose how to respond to the moment as it arises. Please join me for a breathing space and to explore.

Linda Vishala Baker is a certified K-8 teacher and a K-12 certified school counselor. She worked for 33 years in a Public Magnet School in New Haven, Connecticut for grades preK-8 as a teacher and school counselor. Linda completed five years of facilitator training with the New England Institute of Systemic Constellations and additional training with the ECL foundation. For three years she was a catalyst for ECL (Emotional Well Being Creativity and Learning Foundation) by bringing the systemic lens and ECL practices to her school and other schools and educational organizations. She founded in 2017 and has been providing consultation and workshops for educators, schools and organizations.


The Pre-Conditions of Creativity and the Joy of Fantasy
Vishva Shanti Ole Brekke
Experiential workshop–10-75 people

A bright future must be a joyous one. And educators must bring joy to their work. We will enjoy collective exercises and bursts of laughter releasing collective creativity physically and verbally. There are no restrictions to participants physically, linguistically, educationally, or artistically. Everyone will enjoy the workshop and will definitely leave in a positively different state. Participants should wear clothing that they can move freely in and sit on the floor or ground

Vishva Shanti Ole Brekke, a father of four and founder and director of The Commedia School in Copenhagen, has been active in Ananda Marga for nearly a half century. He has given workshops and courses on using theatre in education in universities in Sweden and Denmark as well as most other continents. He is an experienced classroom teacher working with special needs children and has been teacher in several NHE teacher trainings. As a writer and director at the Antalya Municipal Theatre in Turkey, he recently created the acclaimed “Corridor – a Mountain Mystery” a production about the development of a wildlife corridor for large carnivorous mammals in remote eastern Turkey running 82 kilometers to the border of Georgia and the large national forests there. He is also presently writing a book on teaching methods of The Commedia School that focus on training creative performers. He just initiated a long term project (40 years) to develop future conditions for a federation of cooperatives operating economically and socially throughout Ananda Nagar starting with teacher trainers to use cooperative learning approaches at all levels.


Introduction to Meditation and Asanas and Yogic Lifestyle Class
Local instructors from Yogis Academy

Day 2 – Slot 1
Sunday July 14th
2:00-3:30 pm


Organized by Didi Ananda Devapriya and
Didi Ananda Madhupurna

Day 2 – Slot 2
Sunday July 14th
4:00 – 5:30 pm


Sharing Neohumanist Education Curriculum Projects Around the World
Pre-K-Middle School
Networking Workshop with Rutger Tamminga
What’s Shaking Out in Early Childhood Education Around the World
Networking Workshop with Mahajyoti Glassman
Early childhood care and education

During the Fiera each project will be seated with their displays. Afterwards, during this workshop slot, there will be an opportunity for all to sit down together and share, led by Rutger Tamminga and Mahajyoti Glassman

This session invites participants to share their curricular resources and exchange ideas and ways of working together towards developing more advanced academic resources for all NHE schools around the world.

The aim is sharing of knowledge and resources and then seeing how to support each other in advancing curricular materials. Come and share what dynamic programs are happening in your early childhood classes. Let’s talk about what is needed to support our teachers and students. You are not an island. You are not alone. Let’s come together and inspire one another with sharing and new ideas! We will brainstorm how we can make them a reality!

For the past twenty five years Rutger Tamminga (Rudramohan) has been active in Neohumanist Education projects throughout South-East Asia, promoting meditation in schools, kids yoga and storytelling. He has written many books for teachers and children and is now responsible for the development of a Gurukula Teacher Training Center in Taiwan.

Mahajyoti Glassman has 30 years experience in Early Childhood Education, developing and implementing a neohumanist/yoga curriculum with 2-5 year olds at MorningStar Preschool in Denver Colorado USA. Now retired and serving on the School Board. She is Gurukula Member and NHE teacher trainer. Mahajyoti is also a member of the Ananda Marga Yoga Teacher Training faculty and trainer for that organization as well, conducting 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings.


Validation of Whole Person Education using Open Badges the iCAFS Way
Andrew Langford and Alejandra Leora Adler
Workshop for secondary and higher education initiatives

Validation and accreditation are vexing issues for progressive and different educators. In our experience, conventional accreditation systems are frequently bureaucratic, defensive, expensive to engage with, monolithic, nationalistic, old paradigm and otherwise unsuited to the needs of the immediate future. Open badges, initially proposed by the Mozilla Foundation, have the potential to remove many of these impediments by enabling “liberating structures” consisting of inter-institutional webs of validation, self-navigable (with mentoring and guidance) by students according to their individual and contextual needs. The goal of the project we bring is to establish a set of criteria for issuing badges that is both open enough for the requisite variety and coherent enough to easily permit inter-institutional credit transfer regarding whole person learning and unlearning, grounded in doing.

This two session workshop will consist of explanations of the open badge/iCAFS initiative, the enterprise and income solidarity context, and practical exercises such as forging and peer reviewing badges. Workshop participants will be invited to consider whether the approach is valuable for their own use and to offer their support in order to further develop the open badges/iCAF initiative.

Andrew Langford and Alejandra Leora Adler – Together we are long term permaculture designers and eco-village actionists. 12 years ago we initiated Gaia University, a non-formal school of higher education dedicated to the complex process of facilitating students to become independent, self-directed learners and unlearners focused on the regeneration of planetary ecosystems and associated human society. This field we term eco-social design and our approach we call Transformative Action Un/Learning. Gaio University remains our core project and has action-research projects on the go to do with the detailed technique for regenerative, carbon farming almond orchards and Valley Scale regenerating efforts using pattern languages to guide community discourse. The open badges/iCAFS project is a joint project with the International Permaculture Colab and the Permaculture Association of Britain.


Introduction to Meditation and Asanas and Yogic Lifestyle Class
Local instructors from Yogis Academy


Day 3 – Slot 1
Monday July 15th
3:00-4:30 pm


River School – Neohumanism in Action
Primary and middle school
Seminar with Ann Donoghoe

Neohumanism is the starting point of all learning at The River School. Since its conception in 1995, The River School has been continually evolving in its understanding and practical application of Neohumanism in curriculum planning, classroom delivery and service within the broader community. Neohumanism has become a way of being and the impetus for growth as we continually evolve our knowledge and understandings. Join facilitator Ann Donoghoe, Principal of The River School, as she leads you through The River School’s journey, focusing on the practical application of Neohumanism that has propelled the School towards being a world leader in Neohumanist Education. Educators will learn about the many practical ways The River School has implemented Neohumanism in the classroom.

Ann Donoghoe – I have been employed with The River School in the capacity of classroom teacher since 1997, Deputy from 2015 and Principal from 2017 to current. Twenty two years with The River School (run by Ananda Marga Education Ltd – Australia) has given me a passionate understanding and love of applying Neohumanism as the starting point of all learning.


Linking Relief and Rehabilitation to Development
Kalyanii KL Chew
ECE Seminar

This seminar will focus on disaster relief work as an entry point into development project work and working with local governments to scale up project reach. Empowering early childhood teachers = developing grassroots community leaders = laying the foundation for PROUT work. Kalyanii will share about working in a Muslim-dominant environment, the Child Rights Convention and a scientific approach to learning as building blocks to Neohumanist Education.

Kalyanii KL Chew – I have been involved with AMURT-AMURTEL work since 2005 in various countries in Southeast Asia – Indonesia (Aceh, Padang, Central Java, Sulawesi), Myanmar and Malaysia. From disaster relief, my work has evolved into development work in Indonesia, specialising in early childhood teacher training where my role is project management. From 2010 to 2018, the projects I have worked with have reached about 400 teachers and more than 8,000 children. In our new project which will run from Jan 2019 to Apr 2022, we will work with about 1,300 teachers and more than 15,000 children in Central Java. Our training is based on the Indonesian national curriculum, which is a progressive, child-centred curriculum. Our participatory, action-learning training style aims to empower early childhood educators to in turn nurture empowered, happy and caring children of character and resilience who will grow up to contribute towards building a better world. The Child Rights Convention and a scientific approach to learning provide the foundation to our teacher training program and we believe, an appropriate link to Neohumanist Education.


Validation of Whole Person Education in using Open Badges the iCAFS Way
…Continued from yesterday. Second day is for small groups of actionists who want to trial the Badges system


The Koshas of Asana
Dada Vishvarupananda

Ananda Marga asana practice promotes Tantra’s philosophy of the body, whereby the soma becomes a medium for the psyche to access the sublime. Hence, in this workshop we will explore the beauty of posture through the lenses of the koshas, finding intriguing layers of meaning.

After training for a year as an acharya in Kathmandu in 1981/1982, Dada Vishvarupananda lived in the Calcutta ashram of his guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, for four years. During that time, he helped translate the guru’s teachings, started social service programs for rural communities, and deepened the practice of meditation. On leaving India, Dada V based himself in Washington, DC, coordinating development projects, teaching Yoga-related subjects at local universities, and conducting Yoga courses throughout the world, including courses for the wellbeing of AMURT beneficiaries. Dada V has visited over 60 countries, and considers himself a global emissary of spirituality.


Day 3 – Slot 2
Monday July 15
4:45 – 6:15 pm


Teaching Meditation to Children
Eric Jacobson and Amal Jacobson
Interactive Workshop – Primary and middle school – 20 people

We have been working with children ages 5-13 for over 40 years. We will share our techniques, as well as our struggles, our observations of meditation in light of current trends, and share stories of our outcomes.

Eric Jacobson founded the Progressive School of Long Island in 1985 and has been its Director for the past 34 years. The school now has 135 students K-8. His lifelong dedication to children and education includes 11 years previous work as a teacher and then a Director of a Montessori School. Eric has been recently recognized by Nassau County, the county in New York State where his school is situated, for 25 years of “selfless commitment to the community”. As a global trainer for Neohumanist Education, Eric has conducted Teacher Training workshops and programs in Sweden, Australia, Venezuela, Mexico, Ashville, Portland and New York.

Amal Jacobson studied at the Center for Neohumanist Studies in Ydrefors, Sweden in 2004. Since then, he has taught and led classes and workshops on Neohumanism all over the world. Receiving his MA from the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness program of the California Institute of Integral Studies, he continues to teach and write widely, with an emphasis on Neohumanism and Integral Ecology. He is currently an educational assistant at the Progressive School of Long Island, where he also teaches a daily meditation practice with its students.


Group Dynamics Model for Moving Together: Group Process to Enhance Coordinated Cooperation in Accomplishing Our Goals
Sid Jordan and Monika Misiowiec
Interactive Workshop

Education regarding group dynamics can greatly increase the effectiveness of getting work accomplished in the classroom, family, organizations and community. An effective group leadership role that is “group-centered” rather than “leader-centered” empowers everyone to play a vital role in the group process. This process of establishing democratic leadership that manages competitiveness, sub-grouping and greater participation fosters ownership, trust and cooperativeness among group members in becoming a successful task oriented group.

On Day 1 we will create an experiential group process in which participants become aware of the stages of group process that naturally occur in developing group work. Tasks will be assigned to groups that utilize a neohumanist model of collective decision-making that involves study of pros and cons of proposals, rationalistic mentality, and awakened conscience that serves the general welfare. The groups will then be arranged in a fish bowl configuration to review and identify the stages that were demonstrated by their former group interactions. There will likely be two groups that will take turns being in the center and periphery of the fish bowl with the task of processing and studying the group process.

Day 2 will involve applying this knowledge of group dynamics to a group task that is chosen by the groups that applies to the theme of the conference they are attending. The results of this group work will be evaluated by the groups in terms of how knowledge and interventions targeting group dynamics played a role in the success that the groups had in developing coordinated cooperation and getting their goals accomplished.

Both presenters are  psychologists experienced in group process. With extensive experience in leading workshops on yoga psychology and personal growth. Sid Jordan has been involved for 12 years with AMGK as president of the board of AMGK Incin the US that helps coordinate global activities of AMGK. Monika Misiowiec is from Sweden and is currently conducting a private psychotherapy practice in Stockholm and working with families in a social service agency.


The importance of the Inner Child for Kids and Educators
Experiential workshop with Barbara Basanti Ladisa and Gianni Janardhan Zollo – 20 people

Knowledge and ideas can be transmitted to children in a very effective way only if supported by the mind and the heart. In order to build an empathic relationship with the child, thus establishing effective communication and creating a solid and trusting relationship, the educator must contact his “Inner Child ” again. Our “Inner Child” is that part of the child we were in the past, the child that lives through play, fantasy and relationship, and is often asleep in us. Re-contacting and awakening our “Inner Child” will allow us to create a more true, sincere and empathic relationship with children and establish healthier relationships.

Gianni Zollo and Dr. Barbara Ladisa are the creators and trainers of Balyayoga®.

Cooperative Games
 Ed Glassman
Interactive workshop 10-50 people
Primary/middle school, Secondary education (high school, vocational), Higher education

I will teach games for small and large groups. There will be games for learning cooperation, problem solving, trust, and neohumanist connections.

Ed Glassman – I have facilitated group cooperative games and sports games for the last 25 years with public school students and spiritual aspirants of all ages. My training has been through Project Adventure books and lately studying Dada Maheshvaranda’s book entitled “Cooperative Games for a Cooperative World.” I have worked with ages 11 through adults of all ages. I use games to facilitate getting to know one another, to foster cooperation, in initiatives to solve problems, to foster trust, and much more. I am a puppeteer and have been for 49 years and perform folktales throughout Denver. I was a classroom teacher teaching movie-making and history projects for the last 32 years.


Introduction to Meditation and Asanas and Yogic Lifestyle Class
Local instructors from Yogis Academy


Day 4 – Slot 1
Tuesday, July 16th 3:00-4:30


New Day School – Evolution of a Green School
Preschool and Kindergarten
Ruai (Rekha) Gregory
Seminar and Interactive Workshop – 25-30 people

New Day Ananda Marga School in Portland, Oregon, USA has been a well- establishedsuccessful full day preschool since 1976. With a strong staff, community support, and a dynamic curriculum, they are now undergoing huge changes. This workshop will present their model program and chart the ongoing process as they move toward becoming a model teacher training program and redesigning and rebuilding their main building as a completely “green” structure, using net-zero and net-positive energy technology.

Ruai Gregory holds a M.A., Human Development, with specialization in Parent/Community Work. She is a Professor, Early Childhood Education, at Blue Mountain Community College, Pendleton, Oregon, USA. 40+ years of her career in Education include curriculum development, teaching, consulting and work in parent education and early intervention (with children 0-5 years with disabilities). She is the founder and board chair, Pine Eagle Community Preschool, Halfway, Oregon; Founder and Co-Director of Harmony Home Nature Camp, part of Pine Eagle Art Camp, a summer program serving students of all ages.


Amazing Kids – Storytelling for Conflict Resolution with Teenagers
Interactive workshop with Rutger Tamminga
Minimum 10 people, no upper limit

Solving conflicts is a skill that can be learned. Storytelling plays an important role in this process. We use stories as a starting point for discussions on improving relationships and cooperation. In the process we introduce neohumanist ideas. I hope participants will learn storytelling skills, and develop an interest to explore this way of working with their audience. A resource with stories will be offered for further use in their own fields.

For the past twenty five years Rutger Tamminga has been active in Neohumanist Education projects throughout South-East Asia, promoting meditation in schools, kids yoga and storytelling. He has written many books for teachers and children and is now responsible for the development of a Gurukula Teacher Training Center in Taiwan.


Adult Education Trends and Best Practices
Satya Tanner!
Interactive workshop for those who educate adults

This workshop will offer an exploration of adult learning paradigms and the latest trends in training and development.

Satya Tanner had a 16-year career as a pilot and aerospace engineer in the Royal Australian Air Force, leading people and managing projects. In recent years she has been working for the energy sector in Denmark, primarily Offshore Wind. Satya has worked extensively with setting up learning organisation principles in teams and has a passion for neohumanist leadership development. Satya has a Master of Leadership, Master of Training and Development, Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering and is a registered Project Management Professional.


A Yogic Approach to Anxiety
Dada Vishvarupananda
Workshop for AMAYE members

In the UK, one in six people will suffer from a form of anxiety, struggling to find balance in a complex, expectant world. Tantra Yoga, given its multi-dimensional perspectives and its positive approach to life, offers many healing options. We will explore some of these options using the koshas as a Tantra model of wellness.


Day 4 – Slot 2
Tuesday July 16th
4:45 – 6:15 pm


Illustrated Literature for Self-Knowledge and Awareness
Artistic workshop with Alexia Martinelli (Amrta) and Verena Dallaserra (Vistara)
10-15 people

Aesthetic expression is a big opportunity for our awareness and evolution. The neohumanistic artist is aware of this and creates their works with this in mind. In this workshop Amrta and Vistara will introduce illustrated literature not only for children but also for teenagers or adults that want to reflect about themselves and grow. They will share many books with social or special themes without dogma or preconception. Then they will read a book written and drawn by them with the Satyavrata’s sound theme. After this Vistara will lead a design activity as an art therapy experience.

Alexia is a Pedagogist and Yoga’s teacher. Verena is a painter artist.

Group Dynamics Model for Moving Together:
Continued from yesterday…


Awareness through Movement
Elly van Musscher
Experiential workshop – 21 people

Awareness through movement contributes to the theme of Educating for a Bright Future through the experience of a playful method that makes you awake in your own body and gives you a language for communicating. How do you deal with Time, Space and Weight, and what happens when you change one of them? Breath, feet and efforts as well as free flow and bound flow will be addressed. This workshop is wonderful for teachers of young children and also for anyone who likes to become more aware through movement. We move with music, so let’s dance! This playful method offers a new way of experiencing the story of one’s own feet.

Educated as a dance therapist in The International Movement Centre in Bloemendaal in the Netherlands, Elly van Mussher has been working for 25 years with several groups of people in psychiatry, always in cooperation with art therapists and psychologists. At this moment she is part of Zonnelicht and Lotus Center in Holland where she works as a host and caretaker.

Introduction to Meditation and Asanas and Yogic Lifestyle Class
Local instructors from Yogis Academy