Mind Flows in Two Directions

by Eric Jacobson

Mind flows in two main directions, outwardly and inwardly.

When the mental flow is outward, it is directed through the senses into the material world.  The information received is then processed by the brain.  This information is limited to the perceptual ability of the senses, or the instrument being used to enhance their wavelength receptivity.  Therefore, the learning is also limited and imperfect.

When the mental flow is inward, it moves into the realm of consciousness, an infinite territory that remains largely unexplored, and underutilized.

In this time, in our culture, that inward flow has been neglected, leading to an imbalance in human development, an excess of materialism.  This continues in spite of the fact that many of our most celebrated achievers in human history speak about intuition, inspiration, imagination, spirituality, and dreams as the source for their accomplishments.  This truth of this neglect is also evident to all educators as it takes the form of reduced imagination, concentration, self-regulation, and inspiration in their students.

Neohumanist education seeks a balanced development that emphasizes both mental flows working in harmony.

Today, I see the result of practicing this in personal life.  Twenty five years ago my inward mental flow led to the imagination, concentration and inspiration to open Progressive School of Long Island.  Most of that information was processed in the space of about ten minutes.  Twenty odd years later, my outward mental flow was finally able to materialize this vision with the help of countless others.  Along the way, it was that inner flow which strengthened and sustained me.

If we continue to neglect that inward longing of the mind for limitlessness, we will stagnate, and ultimately degenerate.  So I ask you all, parents, teachers, and friends, to contemplate developing your own inner flow, so that your children can learn from your example.  I also ask you to support our attempts to develop that flow in the following ways:

  1. Try to understand and support what we are doing
  2. Limit materialism and encourage the joys that spring from within
  3. Practice service
  4. Get your child to school on time for morning Yoga and Meditation