Intangible Gains

by Eric Jacobson

What are the results of a character-based education? What if the priority during childhood was to develop special traits and healthy attitudes, rather than fill in the right bubble on an answer sheet? And what if you didn’t let anything interfere with these priorities?

The answers are in. After fifteen years of interviews with students who graduated Progressive School, their responses have been compiled, revealing a clear pattern. There are 13 character qualities that these young people, now in high-school, college and beyond, consistently report observing both in themselves, and in their peers from Progressive School. Although these qualities may exist in others too, they are seen with amazing frequency and to a high degree in those who benefited from our educational foundation. We call these qualities “intangible gains” because they are not easily quantified. Yet they are the engine that drives academic and personal growth.

Zest for Learning

Calm Rationality

Universal Outlook
Aesthetic Sensitivity
Discriminating Trust