Neohumanist Network

Rise of a Global Movement

by Dr. Shambhushivananda

Shrii P R Sarkar initiated the idea of “Neohumanism” in 1981-1982 as the basis of a global movement for the “liberation of human intellect”. It was further legitimized with the founding of “Ananda Marga Gurukula” in 1990 as an educational forum’s raison d’être, its core purpose. Today, the neohumanist network spans over 80 countries and continues to expand day by day. Governments, NGO’s, grass roots volunteers and academicians alike are appreciating its appeal.

We are living in a world of contradictions, fears, insecurities, uncertainties and divisions which tear and split the fragile flower of cordial love among humans and between humans and other beings. Selfishness threatens to destroy the great achievements made by humans over the past two millennia. The journey of the neohumanist movement is to rise from obsession with ‘only me’ to concern for all of ‘us’.

Neohumanism provides the ideological worldview that embraces all people, all species and even the so-called inanimate mute entities. In the philosophy and practice of neohumanism, there is a room for everyone – for people of all colors, all shades of opinion, all clans and temperaments; all bound together by the invisible bond of one universal family. The good of one is the good of all; and the good of all is the good of each one. Our existence is intractably intertwined. We are all inter-connected by the sacred thread of one universal consciousness – one universal cosmic spirit throbbing eternally to the tune of the Cosmic Will. In the world of neohumanism, there is nothing insignificant. The existence of every created being is an inalienable birthright. Nothing should be considered useless or unworthy or a candidate for exclusion. All are begotten from the One Universal Consciousness and all will finally find their consummation one day in the same Universal Consciousness filled with brimming blissfulness and total awareness. The task for all global citizens and leaders is to enable each and every entity to arrive at its desideratum with ease, comfort and all embracing love. Let none get the scope to feel that their life is useless or they are forced by circumstances to feel that they are unable to move forward towards their innate dharma of unison with the Supreme Consciousness.

There is no room for violence or hatred in such a philosophical understanding. Yet, there is scope for preparedness for all eventualities of possible destruction or degrading tendencies of the human mind. We constantly live amidst elevating propensities and degenerating tendencies. The task of neohumanists is to transmute negativity into positivity, crudeness into subtleness, and selfishness into selflessness, everywhere. The centrifugal forces must never be allowed to supersede the centripetal elements in any situation. The brokers of vested interests must not be allowed to whisk away the unity of the human race or trade the human conscience for petty short-term personal or communal gains.

In order to build a universal society based on neohumanism, the role of youth is paramount. They are the ultimate victims of the fissiparous sentiments rampant in the society. Hence, the time has come to help create an environment where the youthful minds can begin to assert their higher nature and become the leaders of progressive changes. The global neohumanist network is glad to assist in building the solidarity of youth for change. Youth are idealist by nature. The experience of the seniors along with the youthful spirit of the young is a perfect combination to forge massive fundamental changes in the world. In this task, the teachers have also to come forward and pour out their neohumanist spirit to help channel the youthful enthusiasm. The Global Association of Neohumanist Educators (GANE) is proud to offer its services for nurturing this facilitation process. We also invite leading neohumanist educators to further accelerate their initiatives on the local levels and network liberally to fuel global changes towards a neohumanist society.