Children’s E-Books

Set of Illustrated Children’s Stories
by Didi Ananda Rama
These nine beautifully illustrated stories are perfect for conveying moral lessons to children of all ages:
Astra and the Lion
The Children’s Garden
The Cracked Diamond (take a look at this one as a sample by clicking on the link)
The Flower Seekers

The Ghost Thief
The King and His Four Daughters
SatoruSelling the Sun

They all come in a zipped file, instantly accessible on purchase, each ebook with high-resolution text and images for printing out for the classroom or playroom.
Price: US$ 30.00



The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea
by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
In this beautifully illustrated fairy tale, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar explores questions of morality and collective wellbeing on the journey to spiritual enlightenment with a lyrical beauty and simplicity found only in the world’s greatest story-tellers. Here the natural inclination towards service and altruism in children is given full voice.
Price: US$ 15.00