Children’s Books

The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea
by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea, by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, is a masterpiece of responsible modern children’s literature. In every sentence of this fairy tale there is a wonderful attractive power – a crystalline simplicity and an open-heartedness. Through the storyline the author conveys to the child how life should be lived with purity and straight-forwardness.

The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea sets a refreshing new standard in children’s literature conveying the essence of Neohumanist philosophy which Shrii P.R. Sarkar defined in short as ‘the practice of love for all created beings.’

The fairy tale is child-focused from start to finish. The story itself starts with the children’s keen sensitivity to nature alerting them that something was not right. The wise king has the ability to listen and respond to the children’s grievances with decisive steps and thus the children are empowered and given due respect. Throughout the story the human children, along with the animal children, remain loyal to the noble hero.

The role of simple poor people is given prominence by attributing magical powers to them that are used in the service of a good cause. The story introduces the real world of exploitative rulers and the peoples’ uprising in response, all the time maintaining the charm and fascination of the fairy tale.

The female role in the story is portrayed by the fairy who is magical, virtuous, innocent and spiritual in her unique lifestyle in her own realm. Her lapse is mended with the help of the hero and without guilt she asserts her inner strength and thus becomes part of the happy ending of the story.

Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar is a celebrated author of voluminous writings on a wide range of topics including some examples of good children’s literature. His writings are revolutionary and refreshingly dynamic, setting a new trend of benevolent thought and psychology in all realms of human cultural life from the crude to the subtle and spiritually beautiful.

Hardcover, 72 pages with full colour illustrations
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The Fairy’s Flowers
A Neohumanist Children’s Book

The Fairy’s Flowers is inspired by the ten moral principles of Yama and Niyama as elaborated by Shrii P. R Sarkar in his book Guide to Human Conduct. Each concept is delightfully interwoven into the adventure of Jonathan who sets out to meet the fairy in the forest.

Paperback 32 pages, glossy cover
Price US $ 7 US plus postage


Honey Bee and Red Lotus
A Story Book for Small Children
“This touching, beautifully illustrated tale of Honey Bee’s search for a special gift will appeal to a young child’s innate love of nature and depthful generosity to
others.” — Ruai Gregory, MA, instructor, Early Childhood Education.

Paperback 16 pages,
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MV+ and the Golden Chamber
An adventure – mystery book for children and youth introducing the concept of microvita. Now available in paperback.

“On the surface it looks like MV+ is a story about children and written for children, but the author has skillfully and seamlessly integrated advanced metaphysical and social ideas into a gripping narrative that has power to enlighten and inspire idealistic people of all ages.” — Dada Vedaprajinananda

Undersized Paperback, 299 pages
Price $5 plus postage