Educating for a Bright Future

Global Neohumanist Education Conference 2019

Sponsored by GANE – Global Association of Neohumanist Educators
Co-sponsored by AMGK, PRSI and AMAYE

July 12-18, 2019  –  Salorno, Italy

Arrival July 12, Conference July 13-17, Departure July 18

We are living in an age with access to advanced technology and the capacity to solve many of the great challenges of humanity. This conference aims to bring together experts in Neohumanist education with practitioners, researchers and peers in progressive approaches to education. Together we will be exploring how to build the inner resources of students and teachers, how to respond to current global challenges and ecological crisis, how to interweave the sciences, arts and spirituality, and how to harness our full human potential through education.

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