Educating for a Bright Future

Global Neohumanist Education Conference 2019

Sponsored by GANE – Global Association of Neohumanist Educators
Co-sponsored by AMGK, PRSI and AMAYE

July 12-18, 2019  –  Salorno, Italy

Arrival July 12, Conference July 13-17, Departure July 18

We are living in an age with access to advanced technology and the capacity to solve many of the great challenges of humanity. This conference aims to bring together experts in Neohumanist education with practitioners, researchers and peers in progressive approaches to education. Together we will be exploring how to build the inner resources of students and teachers, how to respond to current global challenges and ecological crisis, how to interweave the sciences, arts and spirituality, and how to harness our full human potential through education.

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Upcoming Workshop – November 14-17, 2018 – Leadership Matters

21st Century Visions and Capacities
Facilitated by Dr Marcus Bussey and Satya Tanner
at the Lotus Centre, Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Leaders in the 21st Century are at a loss. The old models are failing us everywhere and no clear direction is emerging to guide future leaders in ways that sustain and nurture them. Increasingly people are working at the grass root level to shape their futures. Such grass root leaders of course often draw upon old models of leadership and run the risk of becoming the mirror of the forces they are challenging. Increasingly however, a new form of leadership is emerging.Such leaders have clear values, a moral and inclusive vision of the future and a sense of hope. They also have skills in terms of knowledge relating to the systems available to them in the world to achieve change and the creativity to think beyond systems when they constrain our capacity to achieve just and sustainable outcomes for their communities, for the planet and for themselves.

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